The Life (Purple Edition)

Shad Hitz- The Life (Purple Edition) *Official Video*
Directed By Kool Vision Media
∆ Connect Studios 2014



Amazing (Official Video)

The Second Official Video from the Album P.I.M.P (Power In Motivating People) available on ShadHitz.com

We traveled to Miami and did our normal 1-2 the only thing different about this trip is Early kept the cameras rolling. Life is Amazing


The Making of P.I.M.P


216TV Interview

Shad Hitz stopped by Dylan’s Barber Salon located downtown Cleveland to discuss his upcoming project P.I.M.P….


Self Made (Official Video)

The Official Video for the first single off P.I.M.P “Self Made”


Self Made (Trailer)

Shad Hitz dropped another visual, shot on the east side of Cleveland, OH on the well-known stretch Coventry Village once known as the place to find Cleveland hippies. This Ode is dedicated to his city and paints a vivid picture of how Cleveland molds its natives to be hard-working Self Made individuals.