couchShad Hitz, born November 24, 1986 in Cleveland Ohio, is setting out to make his mark in the world of hip hop. Coming from a family of deep musical roots, an Opera singer for a grandmother and a mother that sang in the choir, Shad Hitz developed and ear for music at a young age. Shad Hitz early musical influences range from Michael Jackson to Master P while his most influential artist is Tupac Shakur. “His words, his passion and the conviction he had when he spoke influenced me the most”, says Shad Hitz. Shad’s music is best known for its versatility, ranging from a Midwest to Southern style, encompassing the ability to compliment any beat. Shad Hitz has worked with artists like Ray Cash and Freck Billionaire. Music isn’t the only interest of the young entrepreneur, “In 5 years I want to have a chain of recording studios, a clothing line and give back to the community in a major way”, says Shad. Taking pride in his lyrics being factual and drawn from real life experiences, Shad Hitz prides himself on always being true to himself as an artist. “Music is my peace”, says Shad, “It’s how I channel my energy, and it’s how I tell my story”.


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